Here are a few tips that can help you in the first week of playing!

Earning Resources

1.) The First Thing to Note is that Until you can learn to perform dodging menovers, its best to not atack any VEGA fleets over level 5.

2.) The 2nd Thing is that Harrier Frigates are probably the best ship for getting cargo for beginners. Simply because they are very cheap to repear, and are very fast.

3.) When Outfitting Your Harriers, The Best Arragnement is to have Shockwave II Shields, Iridium I OR Tritanium II Armour, And have Beam Laser II. However, If none of there are available, Just Build Harrier Frigates Blank And Outfit them when you have unlock these

Good DefenceEdit

1.) Make sure to upgrade your buildings with armour, even Platesteel I can help if put on enough buildings.

2.) I dont know how many times I have to say this but, NEVER ATTACK ANYBODY FROM THE SAME SECTOR AS YOU! People like these are called "Insectors". These People are usually attacked a lot untill they stop or quit. If you wish to attack someone, go to another sector by entering Jump Gates.