The Gensis Cruiser is an agressive armored ship, suited to front line combat. It has a wide field of fire
  — In-Game Description 
Genesis Cruiser
Genesis Cruiser
Health 120
Unladen Mass 60 t
Max Equipment 360 t
Firing Arc 270 deg
Weapon Range 100%
Cargo Capacity 22,000 t
Combat Speed 280 m/s
Sector Speed 198 AU/h


The Genesis Cruiser is the third buildable warship primarilly used for FvF and cargo hauling.

It is a way to effectively haul cargo especially due to the Cargo Special component that can be added to its 2 special slots. 


Commonly seen in Fleet battles between beginner players between level 10 to 20. The genesis superior abillity to fire at a 270 degrees arc, additional capacity for gear and additional armor + equipment slots makes it a very appealing warship to build for beginners. Genesis warships typically take about six minutes to fully repair.  

Generally, in Fleet Warfare, Genesis Cruisers should be equipped with Tritanium or Plasteel armor if you're a beginer but you can later upgrade to Iridium. Equiping weapons such as Beam lasers and Scatter Missiles are generally good weapons to use against another player's fleet. Use railguns or other projectile weapons only if you are fighting base or a NPC Fleet, projectile weapons can very easily be dodged by strafing or changing movement vectors. 


Genesis Cruiser Fleet in Combat.

Use the cruisers large firing arc to your advantage by flanking enemy ships or attempting to travel in a large circle pattern around the enemy. By keeping your cruisers moving, you can "Run'n'Gun" and you have a high chance of dodging projectile weapons and explosive ballistics, if you're not flying straight at their trajectories. This makes them slightly better at destroying longbows and other Destroyer Class Warships. 

Shields is key to any ship's durabillity, you can comfortably fit Spectral III Shields on a Genesis Cruiser rendering it further more resilient to damage. 

Eventually in later gameplay, the genesis is arguably a poor choice of ship to deploy in battle as Harriers and Rancors can easily destroy them. They can be converted to carry cargo for resource gathering and salvaging operations. 

Cruisers : AI Setup, VEGA Variants and Behavior

The Genesis Cruiser makes its first appearance in a level 13 VEGA Planetary Cargo Fleet. All Computer Controlled Genesis Cruisers charge at you and fire at their nearest target. They are always equipped with two gauss guns which can dodged more easily than the NPC Longbows by strafing or switching movement directions Even at near point blank ranges, the NPC Genesis Cruisers tend to only hit a stationary target. 

VEGA Light cruiser

VEGA Light Cruiser

Stronger versions of the Cruiser-Class Warship are encountered on higher level VEGA Cargo Fleets. These ships can't be build by players and present a formidable threat. Despite similar appearances, each type of cruiser have varying amounts of armor, shields and firepower dependent on the level of the VEGA Cargo Fleet. The higher the level of the Fleet, the stronger the cruisers are. Some VEGA Cruisers are some of the most heavily armored ships you will encounter.

The VEGA Federation Light Cruiser is a warship slightly larger than a frigate. Its propulsion speed is equal to other VEGA Cruisers, it is armed with Beam Laser Weapons is has a mediocre amount of firepower, armor and shield strength. They can be overwhelmed with harriers. Light Cruisers uses Spectral Shields and are present in Anti-Matter Cargo Fleets as well as level 30 VEGA Sector Cargo Fleets. 

VEGA Cruiser

VEGA Cruiser

The VEGA Cruiser is a strong warship, they are present in all VEGA Fleets travelling in sector space although they all have similar shapes, they have slightly different hull textures and have a varying amount of firepower, armor and shield strength. Despite the fluctuating strengths of the Cruiser, in all instances, it has Strong Armor, Firepower and moderate strength of spectral type shields and are always armed with Beam Laser weapons.


Heavy Cruiser in the middle.

The VEGA Heavy Cruiser is an extremely durable warship, it has a very high damage per second (DPS) - Very strong armor, approximately 2000 Hull points and very strong foe to muscle with. They exist only level 40 VEGA Cargo Fleets in Sector Space and have a very similar appearance to VEGA Cruisers. Like it's two younger brothers, they are equipped with Spectral Shields and Beam Laser weapons. 

There are numerous strategies to defeating VEGA Cruiser Class Warships. Common one include the use of Beam Laser equipped Harriers which is cost and time effective. Harrier Frigates equipped with Spectral III Shields and two Beam Laser II can overwhelm cruisers despite their power and shields specialized in mitigating energy based weapon damage. Other methods include Talons using Spectral IV and two Beam III weapons, six talons with those equips can destroy Heavy Cruisers with minimal damage to hull provided you shuffle Healthy Talons forward and Talons with low shields remaining to the back your fleet to prevent it from suffering anymore damages. Use of long range weapons are also a viable way, Plasma Torpedoes or Rail/Gauss Gunson Harriers or Talons can continuously run, turn and shoot until the cruisers are destroyed. Both these strategies requires you to run away directly away from the enemy fleet briefly, this will leave slower enemy battleships behind whilst VEGA Cruisers and Frigates charge ahead, leaving you to deal with portions of the VEGA Fleet at a time.


  • The Genesis Cruiser is the first of the three Cruiser-Class ships.
  • A single Genesis Cruiser can defeat a lvl 13 VEGA Cargo Fleet if controlled correctly.
  • This ship has 2 Turret slots, 2 Special slots, one shield and armor slot.
  • In the early stages of Closed Beta this ship used to be unlocked after Longbow Destroyer
  • Many say this is a triumphant ship while others spit at its reputation