The Plasma Battery is a powerful explosive weapon that fires bolts of ionized gas at medium range.
Plasma Battery

A plasma battery, level I

Weapon Information/ Apperance


Plasma battery level 5

The explosive weapon known as the Plasma Battery is the bane of ships. A less powerful version of the Plasma Charger, it provides a deadly combination of decent  range, firepower and a spread of damage like throwing a handful of grenades. 

They have a constant range of 4,250 meters, just outranging a Heavy Beam Laser if mounted on a battleship. The bolts move at 1,500 m/s, outspeeding a Railgun/ Guass Gun/Mass Driver's slug (without Iridium Magnets). The area of effect is 350m, somewhat larger then that of scatter missiles, but less then a Plasma Torpedo. The spread, unlike the Heavy Plasma Charger, does not change, giving it a narrow spray of firepower, making it useful for damaging modules.

They have an intimidating look, like that of a shotgun, firing little glowing red bolts referred to as "firey death", "little red balls of death" or just "rain of death" by players.

 Rearch Details

Level DPS Mass Range AOE Spread Helium-3 Mineral Ore Nymthium Antimatter
1 16 200t 4,250m 350m 20 Degrees 147,785 125,617 213,801 25,642
2 19 280t 420,020 357,018 607,645 153,854
3 23 390t 1,490,091 1,266,155 2,155,720 866,892
4 27 545t 4,489,702 3,816,250 6,495,266 3,700,304
5 32 765t 13,686,228 11,633,302 19,799,907 15,039,812

Tactics/ Pros and Cons

Plasma weapons, like the Plasma Torpedos or the The Plasma Battery can be very effective against bases, due to their spread and AOE making them like bombs. SInce they can be mostly effectively mounted on Battleships, a common tactic is to use PB- armed Battleships and fly in circles around a base. Battleships with Rear Thrusters II can fly in a straight line and dodge Heavy Gauss, Drivers, Chargers and Torpedos, while still outranging Heavy Beams.

Some use a similar tactic, but also use a Frigate Class ship to "bait" turret fire so the battleships can do their work without being touched.

Mounting a Spectral Shield III on a battleship will negate any small damage that a Heavy Poloran can deal.

Depending on prefered tactics, the Plasma Battery is very versatile. At close range, it is devestating, extremely powerful, again like a shotgun. At range, the shots scatter, making the damage appear to be less, but even if your enemy is strafing, just being nicked by a bolt triggers a blast, damaging all ships close enough to feel the AOE.


  • Better firepower than rail weapons (they also outrange Railguns that aren't mounted on a Battleship or Destroyer), and better range then lasers.
  • Deal a lot of damage to shields and ships that are in formation, due to their AOE.
  • Difficult to dodge, even for Frigate Class ships.


  • They are heavy and bulky, taking up a lot of space even on a Battleship class craft, thus fewer have to be used.
  • They are expensive to research.
  • They can be dodged (or the damage can be severely reduced) by a good pilot with Frigates.