Active ships are maintained by the repair yard, whether returning from a mission of preparing for launch.
  — In-game description. 


The Ship Bay is a crucial module within a player's outpost. It allows the player access to a number of features:

  • Repairyard01

    Level 1 Repair Yard

    Fleet Manager - This allows the player to launch their ships. The player is provided with a number of fleet slots, which allows the player to add or remove individual ships from each fleet. These fleets can then be launched, which will transfer the fleet to your outpost's location on the Planet map, Additionally, the player can access the Fleet Manager feature in the top-left corner of their HUD.
  • View Components - Like all modules, the player can view any defensive modules on their Ship Bay. Initially, the Ship Bay provides no component slots.
  • Upgrade - Like all modules, the player can upgrade the Ship Bay. This grants access to additional component slots and increased hitpoints (see below), as well as an increased fleet mass.
  • Move - Like all modules, the player can move their Ship Bay to another section of their area. It is important to check that your Ship Bay is still powered after being moved.

It is also possible to refit or scrap ships within the Fleet Manager feature. Players can install new components onto their existing ships, or remove unwanted ones. Note that, while these features can be accessed via the Ship Bay, the process of refitting a ship depends upon the Ship Factory. This means that you cannot refit any ships while the Ship Factory is in use.


Fleets are essential for players to progress within the game. When a fleet is launched, the player has the oppurtunity to perform a number of additional actions on your outpost:

  • Guard Base - This stations your fleet outside your base, and will attempt to engage any hostile players who attack your base.
  • Recall Fleet - This orders your currently selected fleet to return to your base, from which it will become available again in the Fleet Manager. If your fleet is completely destroyed during a battle, it will automatically be recalled.

Players are also able to engage in battle with NPC fleets, player fleets or player bases (for the latter, the player's base must not be under protection). The player may also transfer to Sector view (either by selecting a destination on a different planet, or by flying to the top edge of the Planet map.

Note that your fleets can still be attacked by other players, regardless as to whether you have active protection or not.


Level Health Max Components Slot Config Max Fleet Mass Helium 3  Minerial Ore Zynthium Antimatter Time
1 250 590 - 500 2,730 3,120 1,950 0 -
2 350 820 - 780 7,392 8,443 5,280 0 2m 32s
3 490 1,150 - 1,220 20,328 23,232 14,520 0 1h
4 690 1,610 +Armor 1,900
5 970 2,260 2,960 153,730 175,692 109,808 0 16h
6 1,360 3,160 - 4,620 422,759 483,153 301,971 0 2d
7 1,900 4,430 +Shield 7,200 1,162,587 1,328,671 830,419 0 6d
8 2,660 6,200 - 11,250 3,197,114 3,653,844 2,283,653 0 7d