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The Trident destroyer is designed to bombard enemies at long range. Like all destroyers, it has a narrow field of fire.
  — In-Game Description 
Trident Destroyer
Trident Destroyer
Trident Destroyer
Health 350
Unladen Mass 350 t
Max Equipment 3850 t
Firing Arc 45 deg
Weapon Range 150%
Cargo Capacity 116,000 t
Combat Speed 150 m/s
Sector Speed 198 AU/h


The Trident Destroyer is a very late game warship, it requires IX Ship Laboratory and IX Ship Factories to build, they require a substantial amount of resources to research and alot of time to build.

Like any other Destroy-Class Warships, the Trident Destroyer has a 150% weapons range bonus to all of its weapons. It is a slow ship with very low rotation rates and should typically used to attack enemies from afar. It is an ideal ship for attacking another player's base or as fire support. 

Trident with no equipment or weapons installed takes nine days to build, it is also the first Destroyer-Class with a shield slot allowing it to soak up large amounts of damage.


It is recommended that this is be used only for attacking bases as it can be very time/resource consuming to repair. They possess an extensive equipment storage allowing it equip heavy weapons, shields and other equipment. Shock V is ideal for shields especially used for base attacking, using Mass Drivers and Plasma Torpedoes are also ideal to use to attack stationary modules as they have very heavy hitting power and are very long range. 


Tridents in battle.

The Trident Destroyer like all other warships of its classes is very easy to flank, If a single frigate, even a Harrier manages to evade its narrow field of fire and reach the area around the ship and not immediately in front of it, it is likely it will be destroyed. Equipping Strafe Thrusters can contribute the Trident's overall abillity to perform evasive manuevers, stafing and shooting and can allow the destroyer to dodge Mass Driver / Gauss Gun ballictics or volleys of Plasma Battery Munition.