The Voyager Corvette is a sleek design, popular on the frontier thanks to its low cost and a wide field of fire
  — In-game Description 

Voyager Corvette
Voyager Corvette
Health 15
Unladen Mass 10 t
Max Equipment 100 t
Firing Arc 360 deg
Weapon Range 100 %
Cargo Capacity 6000 t
Combat Speed 200 m/s
Sector Speed 216 AU/h


The Voyager Corvette is the first hull you will have unlocked and does not require it's hull chassis to be researched at the ship laboratory. It's cheap and light gunship typically used with pulse weapons or railguns by players at levels under fifteen. You can instantly repair Corvettes and instantly build them at ship factories and cost a miniscule amount of resources to repair and build. 


Squadron of Corvettes.


A popular use for the Voyager Corvette is to hit cargo fleets between level one to five. However, because the of corvette is a small ship and can carry minimal weight of equipment and cargo, they are quickly replaced by harriers by beginner players which are superior in every aspect of ship design.

Despite their small size, they're propulsion speed is much lower than that of a Frigate and Genesis Cruiser. Old strategies that involved running away from the enemy fleets and taking advantage of the corvettes abillity to fire directly behind them are no long executable strategies. These strategies have been rendered obsolete after several updates.


Voyager can fire directly behind them.

It is possible to defeat a level 13 VEGA Cargo fleet using six corvettes equipped with two railgun I if you are good at controlling the ships. 

VEGA Corvette Variants

A substantially more powerful VEGA Federation Corvette Class Gunship are first encountered in level 20 planetary Anti-Matter Cargo Fleets. There are some differences between them and Voyagers. The most striking difference is that they have signicantly more armor, VEGA Gunships are able to absorb a moderate amount of damage before being destroyed. VEGA Gunships have no shields and are always equipped with Plasma Battery Weapons, unlike Voyagers, they have a 270 degrees firing arc rather then 360 degrees. 

Pack of VEGA Gunships

Voyager corvette fit


  • It was once possible to attach Scatter Missiles on these ships and in turn some are now overweight by up to 50 tonnes.
  • They are the only buildable ship with 360 degrees firing arc, another ship which is unbuildable that shares this trait is the Pathfinder Corvette.
  • It is the only buildable Corvette-Class ship at the moment.
  • You receive 5 free ones at the beginning of the game to start.